Google's AdWords service is a smart way to reach new customers and grow your business. The big difference with other ways of advertising is that AdWords advertising is targeted..

Targeted means that our ad only appears when someone searches for the keywords we have selected. Also, billing only occurs when the user clicks on our ad and not when it simply appears in their results.

How does AdWords advertising work?
With 3 steps:
1) In AdWords we define the words or phrases, also known as the keywords you want to advertise.
2) We define the cost (CPC) you want to spend on clicks on each ad and keyword.
3) We create the corresponding text ads.
The larger your CPC, the more likely you are to appear first in the results.

AdWords is reminiscent of the way a Stock Exchange operates, and few earn in the Stock Exchange as long as they have the right information, experience and the right timing.

What are keywords?
Keywords are the words that describe your product or service.
At Artmaker we carefully choose keywords and prefer the words not to be generic but relevant to your product or service, so that ads are more targeted to reach people who are genuinely interested in purchasing what you offer. That way we get a good CTR and Conversion Rate.

What is impressions;
Impressions is the display of your ad each time a user searches for a keyword or otherwise a keyword that you have specified.

What is CPC;
CPC or cost-per-click is the amount you are charged each time a user clicks on your ad. You have no reason to be afraid of overcharging because we define the CPC.

What is Maximum CPC?
Maximum CPC is the highest amount you are willing to pay for each click on your ad.

What is CPM;
CPM, cost per 1000 impressions, is the cost the advertiser has per thousand impressions of his ad.

What is Maximum CPM;
Maximum CPM is the highest amount you are willing to pay for each 1000 impressions of your ad.

What is CTR;
CTR, click through rate, is the clicks to the number of impressions of your ad.

“So if anyone wants to impress you by telling you that your ad count is large, don't rush to get excited. Ask him about the number of clicks your ad had and the CTR. ”


What is Conversion;
Conversion is the action that a user performs on our site. This action is not the same for everyone. In an eshop it may be the completion of the purchase of a product. Another site may be subscribing to the newsletter. So we determine what energy will we count as a conversion!

What is Conversion Rate;
Conversion Rate is the percentage of visitors completing the desired action. If for example, in an online clothing store with 1000 visitors a day, 20 of them make a purchase, then the conversion rate is 2%.

What is Quality Score;
Quality Score, a quality indicator, is how good our ads are with the keywords we've used and the landing page we send to the user. On a scale of 1-10, the higher the quality score, the higher we can get your ad position and lower CPC!

In conclusion, an AdWords ad requires a combination of knowledge and experience to be able to deliver maximum benefits to the advertiser.