Responsive Webdesign

Responsive design is the process of designing and building websites that are dynamically adapted to each dimension and orientation of the screen, in order to better navigate the users. The texts, images and graphics selected are based on the principles of responsive design. It simply ensures that the site is properly displayed on all devices: desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile.

There are many reasons for having responsive websites. One of the main reasons is the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices. It is therefore necessary to build a website or online store that works correctly on all types of mobile devices.

Another reason is the quality of your customer experience. As the website visitor does not have to constantly enlarge to read the content of the website, he is offered a more pleasant and fast environment to explore. Responsive design ensures easy navigation of your web pages, greatly improving your customer experience, whatever device they are using.

Google has officially announced that responsive website design and online shopping affect their ranking in search results. This means that by choosing responsive design your page is more likely to be discovered by users.

Responsive Web Design improves the user experience and results in satisfaction by building trust that ultimately generates sales. It gives maximum performance as all information can be adapted to all screens regardless of their size and proportion so that the visitors can complete their purchase with great ease.